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Principal’s Message


Welcome to Baldwin Boys’ High School……
I am delighted that you have visited our website that means that you are considering sending your son to our School. Choosing the right school for our children is a very important and often difficult decision to make. However, we hope that this prospectus will help you to make that decision. Through the pages of this booklet we give only a brief insight into the quality of education you son will experience.
We are proud of our reputation for academic excellence. Our public examination results are among the best in the city in terms of high percentage of distinctions and grades scored in the core subjects. Our aim is for all boys to realize their full academic potential and to develop intellectual curiosity. But we value equally the nurturing of leisure, sporting and cultural interests.
Our pursuit of excellence is combined with care for the individual. All boys are valued and supported. We are a friendly, happy school with high expectations and there are excellent relationships and strong mutual trust and respect between staff and pupils.

We look forward to meeting you.

Augustine Charles

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