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Swimming Education

Your child may be naturally drawn to water – but it can also be a dangerous and life threatening experience if he is not trained in water safety. Learning the basic fundamentals of swimming during PE class or in an after-school program assures you that he is engaging in a safe aquatic experience. Once he learns to float, the instructor can move on to breathing lessons and how to hold his breath properly underwater. These are the starting points for learning the basics of how to paddle, swim and participate in aquatic activities. Not only will proper aquatic training teach your child how to swim – training and water safety helps save lives.

Swimming is a life-long activity; once your child learns to swim, he can continue swimming for the rest of his life. Engaging in daily aquatic exercise may prevent your child from becoming overweight or obese. If he is currently overweight, he is likely to lose weight over the course of the school year with regular, daily aquatic exercise and other activities.

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