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About Baldwin’s Kindergarten

From babbling sounds to questioning us, from crawling to hopping on one foot, from listening to stories to telling never ending tales about their own day, children are ever growing, ever challenging, ever surprising.

The typical child between the ages three and six is growing at an unimaginable pace in all areas of development, physical, social, emotional, interpersonal and cognition. To focus on one or two areas and ignore the rest is not justified as this time of childhood will never return.

The Curriculum at our school aims to capture this golden period of childhood and give children the right amount of stimulation and challenge in all areas of development .Therefore, we have developed the Domain Development System, a philosophy that looks at a child from a developmental perspective. The curriculum developed through this perspective ensures that the daily routine has activities which encompass all domains and most importantly, the teacher is aware of the objectives of that activity.

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