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Junior & Senior Kindergarten

The Early Years Program is an integrated curriculum where all learning is paced and linked from one Grade to another.We begin with a reading plan which uses techniques like sight word reading, rebus and phonics to help children read faster and fluently. Reading comprehension is developed in parallel sessions of story reading, book reading and theme conversation.

Numeracy is further explored and concepts of time and number systems are gradually introduced through concrete maths lab activities.

The children set out on a voyage of discovery through the thematic conversations. In the Early years Program they will explore the unseen and the unknown, our country India with its many festivals, cuisines and communities to the continents of the world. Space, galaxy and gravity is talked about and children also work with light, sound and magnets to make sense of the world and the objects around them. These sessions are purely experiential in nature and allow the children to just observe and question.

Today, our children live in a world which is increasingly myriad and complex. We seek to equip our children with the tools to adapt and thrive in their world, today and tomorrow.

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