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Aims & Objectives

Baldwin Boys’ strives to provide excellence in education, in a caring, friendly environment, where each individual, nurtured and shaped by the values of the Christian Faith, providing opportunity to achieve full potential
and to develop a passion for life and for learning.


We aim to foster self-discipline, encouraging boys to take responsibility for their own actions, through a disciplinary system, which is firm yet, fair. We expect good behavior both within school and on the journey to and from school. We expect pupils to show tolerance, consideration and respect for others. We expect boys to be punctual, to work hard and to allow other to do likewise. The school is divided into six houses and each of the houses has a junior and senior prefect who constantly monitors the attitude, behavior and mannerism.

Fast Facts

  • Founded: 1880
  • Founder: John Baldwin
  • Present Chairman: Bishop N.L Karkare
    Resident and Presiding Bishop, Bangalore Episcopal Area – MCI
  • School Motto: ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”
  • Watchwords: Righteousness and Truth
  • School Colours: Red and Blue
  • School Mascot: The Lion and Eagle

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