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School History

School History

Baldwin Boys’ High School is named after its benefactor-philanthropist, John Baldwin of Berea, Ohio, USA. The name ‘Baldwin’ descends from a royal lineage and is of German extraction meaning ‘Bold Winner’.

The school that was started at # 2 Alexandra Street with an aim to provide schooling for English speaking Methodist children went through much hardship during the early years plagued with paucity of funds and dwindling strength of the school. The school was on the brink of closing down. However, Mr. John Baldwin presented the school with three thousand dollars to acquire land and buildings thus resurrecting the Institution.

The school has seen steady progress adding strength to the school and expanding in terms of buildings with teachers who were devoted and dedicated in giving their best to help the school move forward with quality Christian education.
In retrospect, the humble beginning of the Institution in 1880 with few students and minimum facilities stands in stark contrast to its present stature and dignity, having global perspective and meeting the demands of specialization in the methods of acquiring knowledge, with a view to improving the standard and quality of life redefining the role of education.

Today, the institution is a brilliant canvas of many shades and hues. It is certainly not the monotonous regularity of a stagnant social tradition, for us it is a continuous and uninterrupted move towards a dynamic and vibrant vision, which keeps us alive with new ideas, new avenues and new in-roads.

The Institution is now a symbol of the triumph of tradition and individual talent, the fruit of loyalty and service, righteousness and truth emanated from the warm, God-fearing heart of John Baldwin and other noble souls which has led to the phenomenal growth and stands as the tallest landmark of quality education in the city.

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