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The School is Centrally Located in Richmond town on Hosur Road with ample greenery and landscaped gardens amidst century old trees where students can ideally interact with nature. The buildings are all ergonomically designed, a combination of ancient and modern architecture, aethetic and pristine.The school has a playground with indoor sporting facilities, vast pavilion and swimming pool serving the recreational aspects of education. There are separate buildings for kindergarten, junior and senior school, each designed to suit the requirements of these three age groups. The classrooms are well ventilated, the school is also equipped with audio-visual aids for empowerment of students. Students commuting long distance are adrressed with a good network of our own transport department.


Our school believes in the convergence of traditional and technological tools to optimize results. The computer labs are equipped with the latest and the best computer work stations. The students are encouraged to hone their coding and programming skills. The labs are upgraded regularly. Currently, the labs are equipped with well over 100 LED Monitors and latest high configuration Pentium 4 CPUs. The labs primarily focus on experimentation and observation, which are the basis of scientific study. The labs offer unlimited avenues to the students to execute theoretical knowledge into the realms of practical understanding. The students are encouraged to incorporate E-learning as part of their academic orientation. The labs are fitted with the finest acoustics, audio-visual equipment, overhead projectors, laser printers, slides, scanners, CD-writers and so forth. The labs have been constantly upgraded to offer an extra edge to the students to sustain, thrive and excel in a digital world.


Smart Classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computers, specialized software, audience response technology, assistive listening devices, networking, and audio/visual capabilities.


Nowadays, the word robot is often applied to any device that works automatically or by remote control, especially a machine (automaton) that can be programmed to perform tasks normally done by people. It is aimed for students who have a general interest in robots and now wish to learn more about robotics. The school hopes that the students will find the course entertaining, informative and worthwhile. Building robots involves the development of a wide range of skills, including creative thinking, design, mechanics, electronics and programming – all of which are highly valued in the industry. The interest in the subject could lead the students to an exciting and fulfilling career at the cutting edge of technology.


The school’s 800-seats auditorium received a facelift recently. The acoustically designed auditorium known as Lincoln Hall is utilized for various school events and public conventions. Events like guest lectures and seminars are held to facilitate learning through the latest audiovisual equipment. Other events like quizzes, debates, games and cultural events are also held in this monumental building named after the former President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln as it was a goodwill gift from the “Land of Abraham Lincoln.”  


As 2019 ended our Moon moved 3.8 cm away from Earth, our Sun lost 174 trillion tones of its mass and hence Earth’s orbit increased by 1.5 cm, 150billion stars formed in the visible Universe, Andromeda galaxy moved 3.5 billion km closer to us and the Universe expanded by more than 60 trillion km. These fascinating facts about our vast universe are featured in our space shows.

Baldwin Boys’ High School is a fascinating arena for space enthusiasts and astrophysics aficionados. The school encourages the students to explore the incredible characteristics of the cosmos through the state of the art planetarium equipped with sophisticated acoustics and high definition projectors.


The school’s Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs have been built to promote passion and curiosity among the students. The labs have been designed to meet the highest safety standards. The labs are equipped with an array of specimens, charts, models, scientific tools, chemicals, apparatuses and so forth. The labs empower the students to elicit valid experimental evidence through scientific experimentation and research. The laboratories offer fundamental and practical insights into the basis of life and nature. The faculty employs a highly effective and interactive teaching methodology that connects innovation and traditional approaches to scientific experimentation. 



The spacious and aesthetically designed library has room for over 100 students. The library houses a treasure trove of scholastic and reference books. A fine selection of fiction and nonfiction titles enriches the reading space. Books of all genres have been catalogued. The library has subscribed to many national and international magazines. The students have access to podcasts, digital content and web-based tools helping them keep abreast with the fast-paced world. The serene ambience within the library never ceases to attract the students. The library is undoubtedly one of the most intellectually stimulating knowledge hubs at the school.    


Your child may be naturally drawn to water – but it can also be a dangerous and life threatening experience if he is not trained in water safety. Learning the basic fundamentals of swimming during PE class or in an after-school program assures you that he is engaging in a safe aquatic experience. Once he learns to float, the instructor can move on to breathing lessons and how to hold his breath properly underwater. These are the starting points for learning the basics of how to paddle, swim and participate in aquatic activities. Not only will proper aquatic training teach your child how to swim – training and water safety helps save lives.


Our institution has an excellent infrastructure that offers boarding facilities to students from outstation. We endeavour to provide accommodation at par with the other facilities provided by the school. The spacious boarding house evokes a sense of aesthetic sensibilities. The rooms are well ventilated and the restrooms are sanitized thrice in a day. Hygiene forms the crux of the boarding. The boarding house comes with a modern kitchen equipped with the latest cooking equipment and well-trained and experienced cooks who specialize in vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. An in-house qualified nurse is in charge of the infirmary.  


Music is at the heart of the school’s philosophy. We perceive music as therapeutic which has the power to soothe and nurture the soul. The dazzling finesse of the school choir, the brass band and the school’s ability to blend these two different streams of music creates a melody that keeps lingering in one’s heart. The school has the tradition of teaching music, both vocal and percussion instruments. We feel blessed to have been able to entertain our patrons with music for decades.   


The school offers excellent shuttle services through its large fleet of buses. We follow the highest safety standards to ensure the safety and security of our young commuters. Our vehicles are equipped with real-time GPS and closed-circuit surveillance tools. Our transit network spreads across the city. The personnel manning the shuttle services are highly experienced and rigorous background checks are put in place while recruiting the transit personnel to ensure holistic safety and security of our students.





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