Bishop N.L. Karkare

Bishop N.L. Karkare


Bishop N. L. Karkare, the Chairman of Baldwin Group of Educational Institutions heads the Bangalore Regional Conference of the Methodist Church in India. Our Chairman’s commitment to spiritually enrich the church life and improve the standard of education is unparalleled. Our Chairman has expertise in understanding the complexities of modern education influenced by rapidly changing social, economic and cultural changes. He believes in harnessing qualitative manpower to confront the challenges of contemporary societies. Our Chairman is a pioneering visionary, who believes in engineering minds to comply with the rational scientific aspects without compromising the fundamental human virtues like compassion, loyalty, righteousness and so forth. Our Chairman believes that educators are chosen by God to the ministry of education to devoutly demonstrate their dedicated service with all the seriousness of purpose, honest in character and joyful in service.


Our esteemed Chairman has relentlessly advocated the indispensable need for high aspiration aimed at excellence. Our Bishop has a firm grasp over social engineering, which he believes can be refined and enriched by the current generation of young minds. Our Bishop calls for optimum and productive utilization of time and energy, which can boost one’s confidence and create space for individual and collective growth.

Our Chairman is a wellspring of knowledge, wisdom and experience. His understanding of human character and evolution is remarkable. Our Bishop’s pioneering leadership and in-depth decisions have elevated the school’s prestige and stature to greater heights. Our Chairman’s progressive reforms have facilitated numerous productive transitions. His futuristic vision has expanded the base of academic orientation through a broader spectrum of development. The tenacity of purpose demonstrated by our Chairman has transformed the learning process deeply purpose-driven and life-oriented.

The school looks up to our Chairman for inspiration. Under the dynamic and committed leadership of Bishop N.L. Karkare the school has been accomplishing the aims and objectives on the bedrock of strong Christian values and teachings. Our Bishop is a beacon of hope, guidance and leadership. The school shall strive to equip its students with intelligence, wisdom and unblemished character through which every Baldwinian would manifest into well educated and disciplined citizens. Baldwinians would continue to play prominent roles in the socio-economic, cultural and political development of our nation. Our driving forces are our Bishop’s vision, mission and core values.

Rev Sebestian Ravikumar

Rev Sebestian Ravikumar


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Our commitment at Baldwin Boys’ High School is to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment that will empower students to become innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers and inspired learners prepared to thrive in the fast changing world.

Keeping alive the vision of our founders, we maintain high standards and expectations of the students. We motivate them to excel in academics, participate in co-curricular activities and imbibe in them a value based education that will mould them to become a responsible citizens.

We endeavour to equip our students academically, socially and spiritually to meet challenges and adapt to a fast moving world with wisdom and fortitude for the general good of the community.




Mrs. Leena Daniel

Mrs. Leena Daniel


Baldwin Boys’ High School is one of the nerve centres of academic excellence in the country. The historic school’s legacy echoes the divine Christian values and ethos. Our philosophy firmly rests on the belief that academic excellence can be accomplished when educators with a conventional outlook are transformed into orchestrators of knowledge and wisdom. At Baldwin Boys’ we strive to push boundaries in pursuit of the hidden realms and tools necessary for promoting quality education. We inspire our educators to promote curiosity and rationality among the learners as cognitive expansion is a byproduct of inquisitiveness. Critical thinking, oratory skills, written communication, passion for research and so forth are the core principles upon which we engineer the minds of the students.

In the Information Age, digital technology has enabled smart learning through a seamless flow of information readily available at our fingertips. Our school has embraced the necessary organizational structures to be in a position to accomplish a convergence of textual facts and applied knowledge. For us, character refinement is of paramount significance as we believe that self-discovery emanates from character building. The academic ecosystem in which our students thrive has been crafted and designed to ensure that our students remain learners for life. The academic arc at Baldwin Boys’ has been nurtured with the belief that knowledge is the path that leads to wisdom.

One of the fundamental strengths of the school has been its profound spiritual matrix supported by the divinely cherished Christian values and Biblical outlook. We relentlessly strive to inculcate the noble virtues in our students. As Principal I am deeply honoured to be in an excellent vantage point from where I can fine-tune and upgrade the teaching modules and the organizational structure for optimum results. I take pride in the Baldwin teaching fraternity. I am backed by an efficient and innovative staff of teachers who execute the school’s vision with passion and dedication. In the face of constant and disorienting change, the institution has been scaling new heights with a progressive vision and pioneering outlook. The competitive spirit that forms the core of the school’s ethos doesn’t permit us to rest on the past laurels as we consistently set new goals and challenges and strive to forge new pathways aimed to guide our students to their aspirations and dreams.





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