Rules & Regulations


All the students must attend school regularly and punctually. Attendance on the re-opening day after each vacation and the last day of each term is mandatory. A leave note from parents should follow an absence from school. The school reserves the right to demand a medical certificate in cases of long leave. No student is allowed to leave the school premises without prior permission from the authorized personnel. During class hours, parents are not allowed to enter the school building.


Our school has a clear understanding of the correlation between discipline and the future of the pupils. The school’s academic ecosystem has been fine-tuned to foster self-discipline and the ability to reflect among the pupils. Our students are motivated to take responsibility for their actions and decisions. Through mutual coexistence among the pupils, we allow good behaviour to permeate through the student communities. Fortunately, our students understand that each one of them carries the legacy and prestige of the school at all times. Our pupils are nurtured to show tolerance and respect. Our disciplinary mechanisms are firm yet fair. The students are inspired to work hard, be punctual and contribute to the progress of their peers. The school has six student communities or houses represented by an army of prefects who constantly monitor the attitude, behaviour and mannerisms of the pupils.


The prescribed school uniform is mandatory for all the classes.

MONDAY:          Grey Trousers, White Shirt, the School Tie

TUESDAY:          Grey Trousers, White Shirt, the School Tie

WEDNESDAY:    Blue t-shirt and White Trousers

THURSDAY:       Grey Trousers, White Shirt, the School Tie

FRIDAY:              House Colour t-shirt and White Trousers





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