Our History

Baldwin Boys’ High School is named after the school’s founder and renowned philanthropist, John Baldwin from Berea, Ohio, the USA. The name “Baldwin” descends from a royal derivation and is of German extraction meaning “Bold Winner.”

The school’s remarkable odyssey took wings at Alexandra Street, Bangalore with the steadfast aim to provide schooling for the English speaking Methodist children.  The school faced many hardships like paucity of funds, dwindling strength and so forth with sheer will, persistence and relentless commitment. The initial phase of the school and how the school faced unprecedented challenges marks the school’s resolve and strength. The school was on the verge of closure brought about by unforeseen crisis; nevertheless, Mr John Baldwin’s generous donation of three thousand dollars resurrected the school. The funds were utilized to acquire land and buildings to fulfil the purpose of propagating quality education.

The school has grown from strength to strength setting new benchmarks with the changing times. The well-planned school infrastructure has been expanding to accommodate the ever-growing strength. The school has been fortunate to have qualified and experienced teachers who are known for their persistence and dedication to the noble profession. The school attributes its success to the unwavering and divine Christian ethos. The school from humble beginnings has manifested into a cathedral of knowledge, second to none with respect to stature and dignity. The school has been striving to accomplish a fine balance between ancient morals, ethics and values and the constantly changing global demands through character refinement and expansion of knowledge.

In the 21-Century Baldwin Boys’ High School offers a multi-dimensional approach for the holistic enrichment of the students. The school is an arena for the demonstration of multiple intelligences. The school certainly doesn’t view education or schooling as a monotonous academic activity. The school’s dynamic and futuristic vision has empowered the school to forge new avenues to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical learning.

The prestigious institution is an epitome of excellence. Our founder John Baldwin and a host of iconic personalities who elevated the school’s legacy and heritage to unparalleled heights will be remembered for their passion, courage, loyalty, service mindedness, righteousness and truth. The institution is in a league of its own and the edifice of the school resonates with quality education and stands as one of the tallest landmarks of academic excellence.





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